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Feathers singles, ORIGINALITY BROWSE

Feathered headdresses acquire a degree of distinction and elegance difficult to overcome. Provides additional elegance to your creations with beautiful and original pens, the special touch that will help you touched not only feels great but attract all eyes. Begin to enhance the quality of your designs with our feathers touched. What are your favorites?

The ostrich, pheasant or goose it a special character all headdress or hat. Big celebrities and personalities from European royalty ever adorn their headdresses with feathers surprising, the result is an amazing spectacle becoming pure creation in art.

Because in life there are moments to dream, feathers for headdresses invite you to enhance the magic of your creations. Touched on our website and discover the colorful beads of pheasant feathers, beauty goose feathers with its light movement or funny turkey feather headdresses zigzag arrows simulating.

Available individually or in feather bag, these feathers for headdresses find them in a variety of measures. Combined with other materials, the finish will not leave anyone indifferent.

Use them to accompany brimmed hats, bases Buntal or Sinamay and get real masterpieces for your head.

Commitment feathered headdresses, a plus of uniqueness for your most original designs.

We have more variety in feathers that any millinery supplies online. Search on our website and ask us your questions without obligation