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The stylish sinamay woman sun hats used, usually to attend events of morning or early afternoon, accompanied by two-piece dresses and updos.

They can also be used for picnics or attend events shorebirds combined with casual clothes.

Its main functions are to complement and protect from the sun.

On our site you will find mainly brimmed Sinamay, material that comes from the Philippines and whose characteristics are lightness and ease of mold to achieve our desired look. You can choose from a multitude of shapes and colors crude, black and pink nude.

The Sinamay can also be combined with silk, to create exquisite brimmed hats.

In our offer, we can also see a nice pamela buntal, more robust and opaque material, but maintains the lightness andthe ability to shape the Sinamay.

With items such as feathers, fabric flowers and feathers knobs get to be compared to royalty.

We want to be your millinery supplies online



The capes are hats that are characterized by the rounded top and flexible and corrugated wings. They are mainly used in the summer, but can also be used in winter as an alternative to the cap.

They are ideal for women with long hair, giving a elegant yet sensual image. If we want a more bohemian look you combine with jeans and casual clothes, but if we want to use for celebrations and events will accompany with two-piece dresses generally.

If your ideas need a sun hat or cap, in this section you can find great alternatives that will create gorgeous designs concentrating on the ornaments, feathers and beads you want to excel in your final product.

If you want to start from scratch with our high quality capelines you'll see it's a delight to work. The variety of colors is wide so you can make any idea you have.

If you browse our shop you will be seeing all elements and materials that have played for your creations, which combine to give the style will be more comfortable than ever.

Do not forget that we strive to give you the best service and the best price on materials touched, so if you need large quantity we can offer even greater discounts.